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Cloud Resource Administration


All of our software runs on the cloud.

All of our clients are connected.

From simple websites, VPSs, and VPNs to fully managed infrastructures, we extend our client services to provide flexible, hassle-free cloud hosting.


Customized SaaS Management Solutions

We focus our SaaS solutions on three tasks:


  • Policy management
  • Login set-up and operation
  • Administration of users and groups
  • Storage and virtual organization

Update and Upgrade

  • ERP or in-house software updates
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Implementation of innovative, independent platforms

Plan and Protect

  • Security and vulnerability protection

By tailoring these tasks to your SMB or enterprise, we can increase the virtual efficiency of your operations and reduce costs.

Network and Server Infrastructure Services

Our expertise with hypervisors such as VMware, Citrix, Linux KVM, and Hyper-V lets us provide you with a range of services for your virtual server, networking, and routing operations.

We also provide various physical networking services such as:

  • Network assessments
  • Physical infrastructure set-up and maintenance
  • Network architecture and engineering

We combine these services to provide you with the best, customized service plan.

Contact us today and see how we can customize our services for your needs.

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