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By Chloé Dupuis / June 30, 2020

Zero Trust Endpoint Security in the 2020 Remote Work Surge

Last week, leading micro-segmentation provider Illumio announced Illumio Edge, "a first-of-its kind Zero Trust endpoint protection solution that dramatically reduces the risk of ransomware and malware propagating laterally throughout an organization." This release highlights the importance of endpoint security to a corporate network in a...

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By Chloé Dupuis / June 23, 2020

Corporate Responsibility in AI and Deep Learning: Keeping an Eye on Tech Sustainability

COVID confinement brought drastic decreases in CO2 emissions. With daily global emissions decreasing by 17% by early April 2020, relative to 2019's mean levels, the atmospheric changes were visible from space. NASA satellites, ground sensors, and datasets continue to  reveal environmental impacts of the pandemic....

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By Chloé Dupuis / June 16, 2020

Facial Recognition Tech Makes Headlines: Here’s a Snapshot of What’s Behind it all

IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft announced last week that they would not sell their facial recognition tech to police amidst nation-wide anti-police-brutality protests, at least not until a federal legislation regulating the technology is passed. What does this mean for reliability and privacy concerns of enterprises...

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By Chloé Dupuis / June 9, 2020

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Basics: Success in Isolation

Conference rooms are empty as video conferencing continues to boom - on the cloud.  According to App Annie back at the end of March, downloads of cloud-based video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom surged up to 30x the average. Since then,...

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