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By Chloé Dupuis / May 5, 2020

Deciphering A Few Enterprise Virtualization Favorites

Over 55% of enterprises surveyed in Red Hat's 2020 Enterprise Open Source Survey are expecting to increase their use of containerized applications. That's great news for Kubernetes, and to help manage the spike, Red Hat is launching OpenShift Virtualization. This comes soon after VMWare's vSphere...

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By Chloé Dupuis / April 28, 2020

Zero Trust: Network Security on a Micro-Scale with Google BeyondCorp

The remote-working culture is here to stay, and tech companies everywhere are getting in on it. Google's new BeyondCorp uses the zero-trust security model to take the pressure off corporate VPNs in the management of remote worker access to internal networks and applications. We take...

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By Chloé Dupuis / April 21, 2020

The Cloud, the Edge, and 5G: An IT Party of Three with Azure Edge Zones

We've talked about edge networking, cloud computing, and the arrival of 5G, now Microsoft is putting it all together with Azure Edge Zones. Cloud-native apps and platforms are running on the edge, and that's just the start. By working with carriers and enterprises, Microsoft is...

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By Chloé Dupuis / April 14, 2020

NoVPN Approach Adds a Fork in the Road to SME Remote Work – What do your Remote-Employees Really Need to be productive?

With everyone at home, either connecting to company networks for work or streaming videos for fun, VPN usage is soaring. According to Atlas VPN user data, the first two weeks of March 2020 - with the arrival of COVID-19 - showed a 112% increase in...

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